Grinter flutes are based on old instruments by makers such as Rudall and Rose. They closely follow the craftsmanship, detail and tone of the originals and Michael strives for the rich and compelling sound achieved by the old makers. He believes that a flute should not dictate to a player but should be the vehicle for them to express themselves. Grinter flutes are characterised by their clarity and flexibility of tone along with their powerful but mellow sound.


Michael’s flutes are based on the Rudall and Rose design.  All of Michael’s flutes come with an adjustable cork and tuning slide and keys and rings are of sterling silver. Keyed flutes are supplied in a hand-made wooden box and keyless flutes come in a soft roll up bag.


Flutes are offered in African Blackwood.
Cocus Wood is available at an additional cost, but only for eight keyed flutes.


Flutes are available in a variety of keywork configurations, the most common being keyless, six keyed and eight keyed (fully keyed). Variations on these standard models are available on request. For flat fingered players an alternative B flat key and/or alternative G sharp key are available for order. An extra cost applies to these options. If you wish to discuss any of these choices further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Flutes are available in the keys of D, C, E flat and B flat. The D flute is able to take E flat and C extensions by swapping the centre and heart pieces and using the D head and foot joint.


If you decide you would like to go ahead and order, then Michael requests a 10% deposit on the price of the flute. Balance of payment is required 3 weeks prior to delivery while the flute is undergoing its final adjustments. To contact Michael about an order please find his details on the Contact page.

Waiting Time

Waiting time for an instrument is currently around fifteen to eighteen months from the time of deposit.