Meet the Maker

Michael Grinter started 
the Grinter Workshop over 35 years ago. Since then it has developed into one of the world’s highest profile flute making workshops. 
His instruments are in great
 demand globally by professionals, students and leading players alike. Michael has come to flute making through his playing and love of Irish music and through his unique talent and experience as a maker of recorders.

Each instrument is individually hand crafted by Michael himself to the most exacting specifications and standards. 

His workshop is located in Australia and it is here that all of the turning and machining work is done and where his wood is stored in a special dehumidified room.  Although he used to have an assistant to help with the initial preparation of the flutes he now prefers to work alone and each flute is lovingly handcrafted and individually finished by the maker himself.

Michael is now spending part of the year in Thailand where he has a dehumidified workshop and he does some finishing off work on the flutes there.  It’s very similar to past times when he was working in Ireland for four or five months of the year – just that the climate is a bit warmer. All instruments leave from Australia and maintenance is done here.