Michael’s recorders have stood out for their attention to the detail needed to recreate instruments of the past, and above all for their full, warm, flexible sound. The reliability of tuning and clarity of tone are evident in the instruments that players have used professionally for years. Grinter recorders are sought by leading soloists around the world, played by professionals and amateurs alike, and are recognised as amongst the finest to be made. Years of producing superb instruments has generated an enviable world-wide reputation for the Grinter mark.


All instruments are based on originals surviving in collections and museums. The following models are available for order:

Alto Recorders:

  • Denner at A415
  • Bressan at A415
  • Stanesby at A415
  • Bressan at A440

Descant Recorders:

  • Stanesby at A415
  • Stanesby at A440

Ganassi Recorders:

  • Ganassi in G at A466 / A440 / A415
  • Ganassi in C at A440 / A415

Voice Flute:

  • Voice flute after Bressan at A415


Recorders are supplied in an attractive, padded roll-up bag.


Instruments are made from carefully selected timbers and players may choose from the following options:

Baroque Recorders:
Boxwood, Honduras Rosewood, Grenadilla

Ganassi Recorders:
American Rock Maple


If you decide you would like to go ahead and order, then Michael requests a 10% deposit on the price of the recorder. To contact Michael about an order please find his details on the Contact page.

Waiting Time

Waiting time for an instrument is currently around fifteen to eighteen months from the time of deposit. Occasionally, recorders are available for immediate purchase. If you are interested, please email for availability.