Recorder Care

Playing In

For the first week, I would suggest playing the recorder for thirty minutes at each playing session, and gradually increase the playing time by fifteen minutes each week or so. If you feel the instrument is sounding a little tired through overplaying, then give it a rest.


Make sure you protect the instrument from violent climate changes. When it is cold, warm the instrument up before playing. Try to store the recorder in a situation where the air is not too dry or humid (i.e. 40-60% humidity which is the average range for a normal household). Don’t leave the instrument exposed in hot, humid conditions, and especially don’t leave it near heaters or air conditioners. And of course, don’t leave it in a vehicle in hot weather.


Oil the instrument with almond oil as often as necessary. This should be three to four times during the first month, and once a month after that. To oil the recorder. Use a piece of cotton rag on the end of a flute cleaner, and lightly dip the rag in oil. Hold the recorder upright and gently push the rag in until you see the end of it beginning to show through the window. Gently cover the bore surface by turning the rag around. Repeat with the centre joint and foot joint, pushing the oiling rag in to the bore to cover it with oil. After an hour, wipe any excess oil from all the joints with a clean, dry rag, again making sure that no oil contacts the block or chamfers. Wipe the outside of the instrument with the oily rag, and polish with the dry one. This will give the instrument a lovely sheen.

If you do all this, the instrument should develop in tone and character, become more flexible and warm and should settle in to your playing needs. Sometimes changes do occur that are less than desirable, and if you have any problems whatsoever, do not hesitate to get in touch. All instruments are guaranteed against faults in workmanship and materials to the original owner.